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ELA Assignment March 5, 2012

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1.  Design the Barracks

  • In the novel, we have been reading quite a bit about the barracks.  Go back and reread the sections that describe the barracks.  Either by hand or using a computer program (let me know which one), design what you think the barracks look like.
  • I am leaving this assignment pretty open.  If you wanted to use Prezi and explain each part of the barracks, that’s ok.  If you want to draw the barracks as a whole and label each part, I am ok with that as well.

2.  Camp Rules

  • In the last couple of chapters, we have been learning lots about camp rules.  Your job is to make a list of all of the camp rules and design a poster that can be hung in the barracks for the zugangi.  You can do this by hand, or using the computer (Publisher, Glogster, or program of your choice).