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It’s Been Awhile January 13, 2012

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Well, it’s been awhile since there has been a post on our blog. We’ve been busy and haven’t made time to write blog posts. Miss Byrnes’ new goal is to write one post a week.

What have we been busy doing?

We made a goal to Tweet every day. So far we’ve been doing pretty good. Miss Byrnes chooses one student and takes their suggestion as to what to Tweet. As of today, we have 47 Tweets, 29 followers and we are following 105 people/classrooms. You can see some of our tweets on the right hand side of this blog page.

In math, we are working on Fractions, Decimals and Percents. So far so good, but Miss Byrnes said we haven’t hit the really hard stuff yet. We had to go back and review because fractions are not a strength for us.

In ELA, we started a unit on World War II and the Holocaust. So far, we used a KWL chart to come up with some questions and researched those questions. We also became fact finders. Miss B gave us a list of terms from WWII and we had to find out what they meant and how they were significant to WWII and the Holocaust. Next week, we will begin reading a novel called, The Devil’s Arithmetic, by Jane Yolen.

For extracurricular activities, some of us are participating in Drama, Basketball and Curling. Outside of school we are busy with activities like Judo and Hockey.

Oh… and be sure to check out our blogs at www.kidblog.org/missbyrnesclass.  Please comment.  We love getting comments!



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