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King Tut October 13, 2011

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Yesterday, we read an article about King Tut and his cursed Tomb.  Before we started the article, we completed the first part of a KWL chart.  We wrote down what we already know, and what we wanted to know.  Below are some questions that we want to know about King Tut.  Some of them were not answered in the reading.  If you have the answer, please let us know.

1.  How are the pyramids involved in the Egyptian Tombs?

2.  How did King Tut die?

3.  Why was his name Tut and what was it short for?

4.  When did Tut live?

5.  What does the process of mummifying entail?

6.  Did Tut have a family?

7.  Where was Tut buried and what was it like?

8.  Did he have a funeral?

9.  Why is Tut’s tomb considered cursed?



1. Sister - October 13, 2011

They believe he died from an infection caused by a broken bone.

2. Justin - October 13, 2011

Tut is short for Tutankhamun

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