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ELA Assignment March 5, 2012

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1.  Design the Barracks

  • In the novel, we have been reading quite a bit about the barracks.  Go back and reread the sections that describe the barracks.  Either by hand or using a computer program (let me know which one), design what you think the barracks look like.
  • I am leaving this assignment pretty open.  If you wanted to use Prezi and explain each part of the barracks, that’s ok.  If you want to draw the barracks as a whole and label each part, I am ok with that as well.

2.  Camp Rules

  • In the last couple of chapters, we have been learning lots about camp rules.  Your job is to make a list of all of the camp rules and design a poster that can be hung in the barracks for the zugangi.  You can do this by hand, or using the computer (Publisher, Glogster, or program of your choice).

Math — To Remember February 28, 2012

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Things to remember for the upcoming math test:

  1. Read the directions.  When the directions say least to greatest, don’t list from greatest to least.  (Right Chey, Ellis, Evan and Jesse haha).
  2. Remember — when adding tax/tip or finding the sale price — convert the percent to a decimal and multiply the decimal and the original cost.  Then remember steps 3, 4, and 5.
  3. Remember — if you have to pay taxes, you are going to be paying more so you need to add the tax.
  4. Remember — if you are adding a tip, you are going to be paying more so you need to add.
  5. Remember — if you buy an item on sale, you are paying less, so you need to subtract.
  6. Remember, to convert to a decimal or a percent, change your fraction to /100.
  8. SHOW YOUR WORK!!!!!!!!

Can you think of any more?

Follow us on Twitter :) January 25, 2012

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Twitter January 20, 2012

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We have been connecting with lots of classrooms through Twitter.  What has been happening and what have we learned?

@spoonsclass wants our cold weather… and we want to give it to them.  Where they live, in South Carolina, it doesn’t get very cold.  If they have indoor recesses, it is because of rain, not cold weather.

@mcdclassroom commented on our blogs and in return, we commented on theirs.  They are a grade 7 classroom from Surrey BC.

@spcsbobcatsgr7 — their teacher had to do SWISH just like us!  It was gross for their teacher too!  They are a middle years classroom from Ontario.

It’s Been Awhile January 13, 2012

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Well, it’s been awhile since there has been a post on our blog. We’ve been busy and haven’t made time to write blog posts. Miss Byrnes’ new goal is to write one post a week.

What have we been busy doing?

We made a goal to Tweet every day. So far we’ve been doing pretty good. Miss Byrnes chooses one student and takes their suggestion as to what to Tweet. As of today, we have 47 Tweets, 29 followers and we are following 105 people/classrooms. You can see some of our tweets on the right hand side of this blog page.

In math, we are working on Fractions, Decimals and Percents. So far so good, but Miss Byrnes said we haven’t hit the really hard stuff yet. We had to go back and review because fractions are not a strength for us.

In ELA, we started a unit on World War II and the Holocaust. So far, we used a KWL chart to come up with some questions and researched those questions. We also became fact finders. Miss B gave us a list of terms from WWII and we had to find out what they meant and how they were significant to WWII and the Holocaust. Next week, we will begin reading a novel called, The Devil’s Arithmetic, by Jane Yolen.

For extracurricular activities, some of us are participating in Drama, Basketball and Curling. Outside of school we are busy with activities like Judo and Hockey.

Oh… and be sure to check out our blogs at www.kidblog.org/missbyrnesclass.  Please comment.  We love getting comments!

Christmas Concert Play Pictures December 14, 2011

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Remembrance Day November 7, 2011

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November 11 is quickly approaching and we are talking about it in class.  Please take the time to talk to your child about Remembrance Day and it’s significance.  Below is a video that was shown in class.  Feel free to watch it and discuss.


The Lost Generation November 1, 2011

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King Tut October 13, 2011

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Yesterday, we read an article about King Tut and his cursed Tomb.  Before we started the article, we completed the first part of a KWL chart.  We wrote down what we already know, and what we wanted to know.  Below are some questions that we want to know about King Tut.  Some of them were not answered in the reading.  If you have the answer, please let us know.

1.  How are the pyramids involved in the Egyptian Tombs?

2.  How did King Tut die?

3.  Why was his name Tut and what was it short for?

4.  When did Tut live?

5.  What does the process of mummifying entail?

6.  Did Tut have a family?

7.  Where was Tut buried and what was it like?

8.  Did he have a funeral?

9.  Why is Tut’s tomb considered cursed?

Rhetorical Questions October 5, 2011

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Today we were learning about rhetorical questions.  After we learned how to pronounce rhetorical, we got to work making our own rhetorical questions.

Do you know what a rhetorical question is?  Do you have an example?  We will post ours tomorrow 🙂